Norh Korea urges US to resume nuclear talks

North Korea's ambassador to the UN on Monday urged the US to resume denuclearization negotiations with a new proposal acceptable to Pyongyang.

In an address to the UN General Assembly in New York, Ambassador Kim Song said it is up to Washington to turn any future negotiations into a window of opportunity or an occasion that will hasten a crisis. He urged the US to honor the MoU signed at the first US-DPRK summit in Singapore last June, where the DPRK agreed to pursue the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in exchange for US security guarantees. Relations between the DPRK and the US have made little progress since then, and the situation on the Korean Peninsula has not broken the vicious cycle of tensions, Kim added. He condemned what he called the US's anachronistic policy of hostility toward the DPRK.

Kim's remarks have come with Washington and Pyongyang expected to resume working-level talks in the coming weeks.

Source: VOV5