North Korea denies allegations of secret nuke facilities

North Korea's media outlets on Monday dismissed the latest allegations of a secret uranium enrichment facility in the North as groundless, and asked the US administration not to pay attention to any false rumors promulgated by those opposed to the North Korean-US dialogue.

Pyongyang's external propaganda website Meari (echo) said that US intelligence agencies and media, have recently raised speculation about North Korea expanding its nuclear and missile facilities in violation of its commitment to complete denuclearization. Meari said in a commentary, that the problem is that the incumbent US administration is aware of the groundlessness and malicious nature of those suspicions, but is trying to use them to put pressure on Pyongyang.

The Tongil Sinbo, the North's external propaganda weekly, argued on Sunday that Pyongyang remains strongly committed to the agreements reached at the North Korean-US summit in Singapore last month. The weekly said their task at hand is to respect each other and build up mutual trust, adding that if the American administration is swayed by anti-peace and anti-dialogue forces in dealing with the North, good outcomes can hardly be expected.

Source: VOV5