North Korea media calls on US to implement Singapore agreements

North Korean media on Saturday urged the US to move ahead with the joint statement adopted at the June 12 summit in Singapore between President Donald Trump and leader Kim Jong-Un.

A report in the website "Uriminzokkiri" expressed Pyongyang's firm view-point to open a new future for world peace and security. Pyongyang will conscientiously fulfill their responsibility to address decades-long tensions and hostile relations, and open a new era of North Korea-US cooperation, the report added.

The DPRK Today said that the path to thoroughly implementing the joint statement is the path to securing the common interests of the peoples of the two countries, and peace, security and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and in the world.

The June 12 agreement includes establishing new bilateral relations and effectively building a long-term and stability mechanism on the Korean peninsula.

Source: VOV5

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