North Korea releases video of missile test-launch

North Korea's state news agency on Monday broadcast a video recording of surface-to-surface missile test-launch that was conducted a day earlier. Video footage showed that the missile had been transported on a new launch pad before it was launched at a near-vertical angle. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile flew 500km to the east and landed off Japan's coast.

North Korea said the missile used a solid-fuel engine, which enables it to be fired without detection by the South and the US.

The UN Security Council on Monday convened an emergency closed-door meeting to discuss North Korea's latest missile test. All members voiced their condemnation and warned of additional strict sanctions against Pyongyang. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned the launch and called on the North Korean leadership to return to full compliance with its international obligations and to the path of denuclearization.

Source: VOV5