North Korea suggests US, South Korea present new solutions to Korean peninsula

The United States and South Korea must produce new solutions to the current standoff on the Korean Peninsula, a senior North Korean military official said on Monday, warning that hostile policies against Pyongyang will lead to serious consequences.

Kim Hyong Ryong, North Korea's Vice Minister of the People's Armed Forces, said at the Xiangshan Forum in Beijing on Sunday that North Korea has worked to build lasting peace but that the situation has relapsed into a dangerous, vicious cycle of exacerbating tensions because of the actions of the US and South Korean governments.

He said the US and the South Korean authorities must refrain from any actions disrupting the stability of the situation and come up with a new way for solving the problem. Pyongyang's top negotiator for the talks blamed the US for the breakdown and said Washington brought nothing to the negotiating table.

Source: VOV5