North Korea urges US to commit to denuclearization deal

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said Sunday that Pyongyang is commiting to the denuclearization deal reached with the US this year and called on the US to do the same.

The statement came at a meeting between Kim and Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese National People's Congress who is in Pyongyang for the 70thanniversary of North Korea's founding, September 9. Mr. Kim told Mr. Li that Pyongyang hopes Washington will commit to the deal, adding that North Korea is focusing on developing its economy and wants to learn from China.

Mr. Li affirmed China's support for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. He delivered a personal letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping to Mr. Kim.

US President Donald Trump said the same day he is pleased that North Korea showed off no nuclear missiles during its 70th anniversary celebration.

Source: VOV5

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