Northern provinces recover from floods

Recovery efforts are underway to help northern provinces affected by recent floods. Yen Bai province was the hardest hit, with 11 people dead, 6 missing, and property losses estimated at nearly 12 million USD.

Local flood victims have been given aid worth 150,000 USD and 17 tons of rice.

In Phu Tho province, farmers have received rice seeds worth more than 920,000 USD to resume production. In rice cultivation areas that can't be restored, local farmers will receive 440 USD per hectare to switch to other more suitable crops.

By Sunday, 10 hamlets in Phu Tho province remained isolated by flooding. Provincial armed forces are trying to reach the victims to provide food and search for the missing.

Nguyen Ba Khuyen, Chairman of Tan Son district's People's Committee, said: Local authorities are asked to deliver aid to devastated households, help them clean up and give them 330 to 440 USD each. A totally-destroyed house will receive an initial aid amount of 660 USD.

Northern provinces will continue to see scattered downpours and thunderstorms in the next few days.

Source: VOV5