Order to strictly suppress border violations – Agricultural Development

Phetchaburi Rajabhat University, Government spokesperson Revealing the Prime Minister's orders at the Cabinet meeting. After visiting 4 Buri areas, strict management of transnational border crimes Smuggling and importing illegal things. Agricultural development Mr. Chai Watcharong, Spokesman of the Prime Minister's Office Announced after an official Cabinet meeting off-site (Royal Cabinet) that Prime Minister Settha Thavisin has orders to address the issue of border crimes. that includes transnational crimes cyber crime Production and smuggling of drugs which is based on the border area Using Thai resources and utilities to deceive Thai people Therefore, he ordered agencies involved with public utility systems such as the Provincial Electricity Authority. The Provincial Waterworks Authority has suspended cross-border services, cut off water, cut off electricity, and prevented the use of Thai products. and have the NBTC cut off the telephone signal Turn the signal antenna back into the country. Don't let the signal cross over. To reduce drug problems cyber crime Call center gang to become concrete as quickly as possible A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office said that from the vision of Ignite Thailand that wants Thailand to be a source of food production in the world. The government therefore has to adjust infrastructure and production factors. Therefore ordered the Ministry of Agriculture and various related agencies to accelerate the development of Thailand as a world center for plant species. Develop water storage areas Accelerate the expansion of irrigation areas Develop water sources and check the soil picture throughout the country to use fertilizers appropriately for each area. Use satellite technology to reduce burning. Including proposing a plan to develop cassava varieties that are resistant and durable to leaf spot disease. The goal is that in 2026 the plants must be expanded and distributed to farmers for use throughout the country. as well as promoting the cultivation of coffee and cocoa in hi ghland areas to reduce burning. Because it is a long-term tree. He ordered the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives to prepare a plan and submit it by the end of May. Mr. Chai said the Prime Minister has expedited the process of requesting permission to use reserved forest areas. To develop highland areas based on the model of the Royal Project. This is because the results of the Royal Project's operations have proven to be able to significantly reduce burning and PM 2.5. Therefore requesting the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Interior and local administrative organizations bring the guidelines of the Royal Project to disseminate further. And from visiting the area in 4 Buri, namely Suphan Buri, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi and Phetchaburi, for 4 days, the Prime Minister saw the potential of the area that could be upgraded to become a large city. Raise the quality of life of the people By attracting many more tourists and investors. 'The Prime Minister ordered Suphanburi Province to be a management model. I want the Royal Irrigation Department to go ahead and make a good long-term plan. Don't let Suphanburi lose its championship and standards. To be a sustainable model for other provinces. As for the area of ??Kanchanaburi Province, there is a dairy farm. The Prime Minister, if the disease is well controlled, Complete care It will be an agricultural business that is worth promoting. Therefore ordered the Ministry of Agriculture Accelerate a plan to promote integrated and modern dairy farming. Border trade section Remind all agencies including the Narcotics Control Board. The Customs Department and the Ministry of Interior have worked well. Please work even harder. Both the issue of illegal people smuggling Rubber control The Prime Minister heard that there was lobbying for permission to import rubber from neighboring countries. The Prime Minister ordered that there would be no exceptions. If frontline staff are under pressure until they can't stand it, go tell the person who pressured them to come talk to the Prime Minister. Because the Prime Minister We see that the people of the country must come first,' said a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office. Mr. Chai said that in the area of ??Ratchaburi Province, the Prime Minister saw the professionally managed central market model. Able to cut out middlemen well resulting in less costs for producers and consumers Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture The Ministry of Commerce is integrating and pushing for a model to facilitate producers and buyers. It increases income for farmers. As for the development of Khao Hin Ngu Park that the local government is ready to use the budget to develop tourist attractions But there is a problem with the law. The Prime Minister has ordered that the stuck law be resolved urgently. Reduce state obstacles change to state administration 'As for the areas of Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces, the Prime Minister visited the Hua Hin Airport area. which is still a small airport Can't accept large airplan es Therefore ordered the development of Hua Hin Airport into an international airport. Increase the runway width By expanding the runway area on the Hua Hin Tunnel to 40 meters on each side, whenever it can be expanded it will be developed into an international airport and add immigration to accommodate tourists. All must be completed before 1 Oct. 2025. As for sports in the Ban Wua Lan area The Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Interior to consider amending the ministerial regulations. Originally specified that Wua Lan could be played from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., it was changed to 6:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. to be in line with life. By having the Ministry of Interior solve the problem and present it within 1 month, while the Minister of Interior, in addition to solving the issue of bullfighting, will also solve the issue of bullfighting and cockfighting to be consistent with the way of life of the people. Source: Thai News Agency