Other 38 Vietnamese guest workers safely return home from Libya

14:48 | 03/09/2014

VGP – An additional 38 Vietnamese guest workers in the coastal city of Misrata in north-west Libya, were safely evacuated to Tunisia on September 1 via the Ra Adjir border gate.

Head of a special working group of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA)  in Tripoli Nguyen Duc Nam was quoted as saying that these workers came to Libya under a contract with SONA Ltd Company and Misrata General Construction Company (GCCM).

They were supported by their employers and labor exporters to finalize immigration procedures to arrive in Tunis capital city before flying home in the coming days.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Libya Dao Duy Tien said that as of September 1, around 220 Vietnamese workers are still working in safe areas of the northern African country.

SONA announced that it planned to work with Libya’s SAMA construction corporation to evacuate another 46 workers in Misrata to Tunisia on September 3.

The remaining laborers are working at construction sites in Misrata, Brega, Nalut and Ghadamis in western Libya.

SONA and Vitech company are negotiating with GCCM and ANC to terminate the contracts in order to evacuate all Vietnamese guest workers out of Libya as soon as possible./.

By Khanh Phuong