Outgoing Icelandic PM resigns following snap election

Iceland's prime minister has stepped down after a snap vote in which no party won a majority, paving the way for intense negotiations in an effort to form the next government.

Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, leader of the centrist Progressive Party said he was stepping down "in accordance with the constitution, to hand in my resignation and then be asked to stay in office until a new government has been formed".

According to the final vote result released by RUV TV station, the centre-right Independence Party won the largest share of the vote with 29%, gaining 21 of 63 seats in the parliament. The Progressive Party ranked 4th with 8 seats. The left-wing Green Party won 15.9 percent of the votes while the Pirate Party gained 14.5 percent with 10 seats.

Source: VOV5