Outstanding community innitiatives awarded

12 outstanding community innitiatives were awarded at a ceremony Saturday as part of activities to mark Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18).

Mr. Nguyen Phuc Duc, Vice President of Southern Power Corporation, received the first prize for an innitiative of improving oxygen fans to save electricity in shrimp raising. "The idea was based on practical manufacturing demands in the Mekong delta," he said, "After 1 year of implementation, we have saved 38.7% of electricity consumption, which helps saved 4% of direct cost for farmers. If the project is applied at a larger scale, we will save much more electricity, thus contributing to the efficient use of national energy.

Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh applauded the positive influence of the contest.I call on people of all backgrouds inside and outside of Vietnam to better support the community innitiatives," she said, "Efforts should focus more on urban civillization, new rural development, security and defense, and political stability.

Source: VOV5