Party Central Committee’s 11th plenum closes

The 11th plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee closed in Hanoi on Saturday afternoon after 6 days of meeting.

In his closing statement, Party leader and President Nguyen Phu Trong said the plenum called for deeper awareness of the importance of the 13th National Party Congress. He stressed the need to strengthen Party building and rectification to make the political system cleaner and stronger, promote national aspiration and unity in tandem with the era's strength. Efforts should be made to boost reform, innovation, fast and sustainable development, firmly safeguard the Fatherland, maintain peace and stability, and strive to build Vietnam into a developed country with socialist orientation. Mr. Trong urged for thorough preparations for documents and personnel to make the National Party Congress a success and a congress of solidarity, democracy, rule of law, creativity, and development

The Party Central Committee emphasized that 35 years of renewal is an important historical period in national development, which marks the comprehensive growth of the Party, State, and people. Platform 1991, which was supplemented and developed in 2011, continues to be a flag of ideology, combat, rally, and encouragement of the entire Party and people, laying a foundation for the Party to continue developing the theoretical system on socialism and the path to socialism, fine-tune guidelines for national construction and development in the new period.

According to the Party General Secretary and President, the recent achievements were mostly thanks to the solidarity, unity, and the wise leadership of the Party in implementing the Resolutions of the 12th National Party Congress. On the basis of objective assessment of situations, causes, and effects of achievements and shortcomings, Vietnam will continue to adopt proper policies and measures to strengthen its industrialization and modernization, reform growth model, restructure the economy, fine-tune mechanisms to develop the socialist-oriented market economy, develop science and technology, build and uphold the values and strength of Vietnamese culture and people.

Source: VOV5