PM calls for post-COVID-19 economic recovery

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Thursday stressed the importance of stabilizing the macro-economy. 

Chairing a meeting of the National Monetary and Financial Policy Advisory Council, he said that although economic growth in the first 6 months was only 1.8%, the lowest in 10 years, that figure was high compared to other countries in the region. Many of Vietnam’s major partners have been hit hard by COVID-19, whereas Vietnam has recorded no new cases in the last 3 months. The Prime Minister said Vietnam has been doing a good job of pursuing its dual goal of containing the pandemic while boosting economic growth.

Mr. Phuc stressed the need to keep this year’s Consumer Price Index below 4%, and discussed price fluctuations of commodities such as pork and crude oil.

He urged disbursement of public investment funds. As international markets weaken and domestic demand declines, it is important to expand export markets and revive domestic demand, he said.Mr. Phuc called for proposals to boost production, promote the digital economy, and introduce new business models such as the night economy and electronic payments.



Source: VOV5

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