PM: New government wins people’s trust

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc says that in 9 months of operation, the new government has won the initial trust of the people and the political system.

Mr. Phuc addressed the regular monthly cabinet meeting for January in Hanoi on Friday: "The government is determined to maintain the trust of the people, Party, and political system. We will multiply that trust through specific actions, including strengthening socio-economic management, implementing national defence, security, and foreign affairs tasks. We'll focus on realizing the goals set out for 2017 by the Party Central Committee and the National Assembly."

Prime Minister Phuc reiterated the determination to build a constructive, incorruptible government that serves people and businesses. He asked cabinet members to focus on supporting businesses and improving the business climate.

He also urged a combination of economic development and environmental protection, educational reform, and social security to ensure comprehensive growth.

Source: VOV5