PM praises Dong Loc victory as victory of Vietnamese patriotism, staunchness

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc says Dong Loc victory is the victory of ardent patriotism and indomitable will of the Vietnamese nation which has been nurtured for thousands of years.

Mr. Phuc made the statement at a ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of Dong Loc victory in Dong Loc T-junction, Ha Tinh province, on Saturday. The PM added that the landmark event shows the win of the Communist Party of Vietnam's policy of prolonged struggle rallying all people and promoting national solidarity and the era's strength. PM Phuc said Vietnam will never forget those who sacrificed their lives for the motherland's glory and that they will be a great source of pride and inspiration for generations of Vietnamese during national construction and defense.

The PM called for better care for war invalids, martyrs' relatives, war veterans, young volunteers, and revolutionary contributors. He said paying debts of gratitude is the long-term responsibility of the whole political system and society. Prime Minister Phuc said: Our country has undergone many wars against foreign invaders. Millions of people have died to protect the motherland. Bearing in mind uncompensated losses, we more thoroughly comprehend the value of independence, freedom, peace, and unification. We will forever remember heroes, martyrs, invalids, and national contributors and pledge to lead a life worthy of their sacrifices. We are determined to stay united and build a stronger and more prosperous Vietnam.

Earlier, the Prime Minister offered incense and flowers at a monument in honor of 4,000 young volunteers and a tomb area of 10 young female volunteers who died in Dong Loc T-junction on July 24, 1968.

Source: VOV5