PM: Quang Ngai to become an industrial hub

Quang Ngai can become an industrial hub for Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said Tuesday at a ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of Quang Ngai's re-establishment.

Mr. Phuc said: Quang Ngai should work with the government, ministries, and agencies to study the market and boost the ecosystems of heavy industry, light industry, and support industry in the Dung Quat Economic Zone. Top priority should be given to attracting major enterprises to invest in petrochemistry, metallurgy, electricity, electronics, high-tech materials, and the processing of consumer and export goods. Quang Ngai needs to develop industries based on creativity, new technology, and harmonization of local businesses and FDI enterprises to set up regional and global value chains and fully tap links between provinces.

Prime Minister Phuc asked Quang Ngai to develop its support industry, invest in infrastructure, and improve human resources, while shifting towards industry and service.

He underscored the need to speed up the Dung Quat Economic Zone expansion.

The same day, the Prime Minister visited Quang Ngai International Education City, one of the best educational complexes in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5