Pokemon Go release update: Launch in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore imminent

Mobile game lovers in some countries have been enjoying the latest sensation Pokemon Go for almost a three weeks now, but most Asian countries, including India, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, and Philippines are yet to get the game. However, its launch in the region is imminent as it has already come to Japan and Hong Kong.

Pokemon Go became an international sensation overnight after its debut in the United States, Australia and New Zealand in July. It has now spread to 37 countries, and is eventually expected to be released in about 200 countries.

A Reddit post had earlier claimed that Pokemon Go would be released in a few Asian countries, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam on July 22, but it didn't happen. It was later reported that it would come to Philippines on July 26, but that turned out to be just a rumour.

Now, reports are doing the rounds that the game will be released in a few Asian countries like India, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines in August. It sounds realistic, as the game has already hit a couple of Asian countries.

The craze for Pokemon Go in this region is obvious, as gamers have resorted to playing it by installing APK file though it is an unofficial application software with possible threat of malware. It is reported that South Koreans are flooding to North Korea border areas like Sokcho, Yangyang, Goseong, Inje and Ulleungdo Island as gamers can access Pokemon Go in this regions.

Surprisingly, the game may not be released in South Korean at all though it is one of the world's top gaming countries. The game requires real-time geospatial technologies and Google's map data to play, but South Korean government doesn't allow uncensored map data from overseas. So, the release of the game in the country will depend on how soon the local government and Google resolve disagreement on use of map data.

However, the game is very likely to be released in China. It was earlier reported that the country was skeptic about the release of Pokemon Go over fears that the U.S. and Japan could use it to track its military bases and other sensitive facilities. But it is almost certain that the game will come to the country, as it has been released in Hong Kong.

Pokemon Go is a free (in-app purchases required for enhancements) augmented reality (AR) mobile game that lets players catch characters in real life environment.

Source: International Business Times