Preparations complete for new field hospital in South Sudan

Preparations for a second level 2 field hospital in South Sudan have been basically finalized, officials said at a meeting organized by the Ministry of National Defense in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Professional English, medical, political, and logistics training, is wrapping up. Legal procedures have been worked out. Transfer of equipment from the first hospital, field checking, and ceremonies have been planned in detail.

Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Chi Vinh has underscored the importance of safety when operating in South Sudan and said the Ministry is determined to deploy the very first no-plastic-waste hospital to a UN peacekeeping mission.

A training course for operating, maintaining, and repairing heavy military engineering equipment was launched in Thach That district, Hanoi, at an event attended by 19 Japanese lecturers, 20 Vietnamese students, UN coordinators, and supervisors from Canada and Australia.

Source: VOV5