President Ho Chi Minh in the hearts of Egyptians

Egyptian people always respect President Ho Chi Minh and adore Vietnam, which stood up from a colonized country to fight for independence and has evolved from a war-torn country to a tiger economy in Asia.

The remark was made by former Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam Reda El Taify at a recent interview with a VOV correspondent in Egypt on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's 129thbirthday (May 19).

He had a great relation with President Gamal Abdel Nasser. We respect President Ho Chi Minh very much as he's one of the most important leaders in the struggle against foreign invasion. He played a very important role in the history of Vietnam. We remember President Ho Chi Minh as a great leader of Vietnam, Asia, and also of Africa and Latin America, said El Taify.

Egypt was one of President Ho Chi Minh's first destinations during his journey to seek national salvation for Vietnam. His two visits to Egypt later were milestones in bilateral friendship.

90-year-old Nuri Abdel, Chairman of the Asia Africa Solidarity Committee, is proud to meet President Ho Chi Minh in 1950 in China. For him the President is a prominent yet simple leader with a close bond with ordinary people.

I had met several influential world leaders but to me, President Ho Chi Minh was the No.1 in the post-World War II period. He devoted his entire life to national liberation, had a simple lifestyle, and loved his people, said Abdel.

Source: VOV5