President Tran Dai Quang meets overseas Vietnamese

On Friday, in Ho Chi Minh City, President Tran Dai Quang and his wife met overseas Vietnamese who have returned home for the traditional lunar New Year festival.

President Quang praised overseas Vietnamese's great contributions and called on them to make further contribution to national development. President Quang said the Vietnamese Party, State, and people always consider overseas Vietnamese an integral part of the Vietnamese nation.

On the same day, President Tran Dai Quang, his wife, Ho Chi Minh municipal leaders, and representative of overseas Vietnamese paid tribute to the Hung Kings at the National Cultural and Historical Park and offered incense to President Ho Chi Minh at the Ho Chi Minh Museum. At the Nha Rong wharf, they practiced the ritual of releasing carps on the Kitchen God Day to pray for peace and prosperity.

Source: VOV5