Press connects National Assembly and voters

A seminar took place in Hanoi on Tuesday on the press's coverage of the National Assembly sessions.

Seminar participants agreed that media outlets did a good job of covering the legislature and its meetings on law building, oversight, and decision making. They called on the National Assembly to regulate the media and be more open to news coverage. Some said journalists find it difficult to approach deputies during the NA sessions and a press conference is needed to publicize topics of Q&A before a Q&A session.

Journalist Dong Manh Hung, Director of VOV's News and Current Affairs Department, said: Press agencies should dedicate knowledgeable journalists to covering NA sessions in a professional way. The legislature should set up teams of parliamentary journalists through whom NA committees can send or exchange news openly and promptly. I think NA committees and the press should have closer links.

Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Secretary General and Head of the National Assembly Office, underscored the importance of interaction between the National Assembly, voters, and media agencies. He said more live radio and television broadcasts are needed to give voters the latest and most accurate information.

Phuc said: At the recent NA session, the press was proactive in encouraging NA deputies and reporters to be friendlier and more open. Deputies got more opportunities to express their opinions. I hope in the future the press will continue to improve the way they cover the National Assembly activities.

Source: VOV5