Project launched to permanently support visually impaired in learning

The Vietnam Blind Association and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism have signed an agreement to cooperate in a project to support the visually impaired in Vietnam.

Vu Duong Thuy Nga, Head of the Library Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, spoke at the signing ceremony in Hanoi on Monday.

"We have started a project to give the visually impaired materials, software, equipment, and services to help them develop critical thinking, creativity, and a healthy lifestyle to pursue lifelong learning," she said.

President of the Vietnam Blind Association Pham Viet Thu said the joint project will help the beneficiaries integrate into the community.

"The project will teach the visually impaired to read books printed in Braille. We will also mobilize resources to create jobs and provide lifestyle support," Thu said.

The Library Department has launched another program in which volunteers read books to the visually impaired.

Source: VOV5