Proposing to set up a special working group of the Government to remove difficulties in investment projects

On April 28, 2021, at the Government Headquarters, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh presided over a meeting on the work situation and results of the Ministry of Planning and Investment; outstanding problems; problems, urgent content and recommendations and proposals that need to be resolved.

Attending the meeting were Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, Minister of Planning and Investment, Minister, Chairman of the Government Office, leaders of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Goverment office. After listening to the reports of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, opinions of delegates attending the meeting, speeches of Deputy Prime Ministers, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh concluded and praised the Ministry of Planning and Investment for being serious Preparing, having a complete, comprehensive and clear report on the achieved results, difficulties, problems and important and urgent tasks to focus on in the coming time.

In the international and domestic context with many unpredictable difficulties and challenges, the Planning and Investment sector has successfully completed its assigned functions and tasks, achieved many outstanding achievements, making an important contribution to the implementation. successful national socio-economic development targets and targets in recent years.

This result was achieved because the entire Planning and Investment sector closely followed the Party’s policy, the policies and laws of the State, the direction of the Politburo, the Secretariat, the Central Executive Committee, the Government. Prime Minister and the relentless efforts of generations of leaders, officials, public servants and employees of the Planning and Investment sector, the regular and close coordination of ministries and agencies of China. national and local.

The Prime Minister basically agreed with 5 difficulties and problems that need to be overcome, 6 issues that need immediate attention and settlement to promote socio-economic development, to achieve the highest level of development goals of the year. 2021 as reported by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Document No. 2394 / BC-BKHDT dated April 27, 2021. Prime Minister assigned Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai to direct, study and handle according to an appropriate and effective roadmap of these issues and report back to the Prime Minister.

In the coming time, the Ministry of Planning and Investment should focus on well implementing the directions, tasks and solutions. Regarding the direction and direction, the Ministry of Planning and Investment continues to inherit and bring into play the achieved achievements, thoroughly grasp the effective implementation of tasks and solutions set out in Resolution No. 01 / NQ-CP dated January 1, 2021 and Resolution No. 45 / NQ-CP dated April 16, 2021 of the Government; urgently complete and submit to the Government for promulgation the Government’s Action Program to implement the Resolution of the XIII National Congress of the Party.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment strongly promotes the spirit of solidarity, unity, dynamism, initiative and creativity. to accurately and promptly devise the Party and State’s decisions and guidelines, keep up with the trend of movement, rapid change, strategies of the world, in accordance with good international practices and conditions, the real situation of the country.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment thoroughly, throughout and deeply grasp the viewpoint that taking internal resources is fundamental, long-term and decisive; in which, first of all, human resources, Vietnamese human values, natural resources, cultural and historical traditions of the nation … At the same time, the Ministry of Planning and Investment determines that external resources are necessary. Regular and breakthrough, in which focus on attracting capital, scientific and technological progress, management experience to restructure economic sectors, renew growth model, improve productivity and quality efficiency and competitiveness of the economy.

The guiding thought in the job handling is the thought must be “nine”, the thought must be informed, the determination must be high, the effort must be great, the action must be drastic, effective, the implementation has the key focus, the which job ends that.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment must attach importance to Party building, improve the leadership capacity and fighting strength of the Party organization and its members, thoroughly grasp, strictly follow 5 principles and 5 leadership methods. of the Party; encourage innovation in parallel with protecting people who dare to think and do for the common good; resolutely prevent and fight corruption, negative, wastefulness, tighten discipline and discipline, strictly handle violations in conjunction with creating an environment of innovation.

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to build a streamlined, effective and efficient apparatus in the spirit of Resolution No. 18-NQ / TW dated October 25, 2017, Resolution No. 19-NQ / TW dated 25 October. / 10/2017 of the Central Executive Committee and the Politburo’s Conclusion No. 74-KL / TW dated May 22, 2020, associated with downsizing, restructuring and improving the quality of the contingent of cadres, Public servants; raising the exemplary character of the cadres, party members and the responsibilities of the head, always consciously striving for the common good, not the individual, the group’s interests. Perfecting the apparatus and determined to restructure in the direction of increasing the implementation of the State management function, reducing the division in charge of resource allocation and budget division; strengthening decentralization, focusing on research and consultation on major and important issues of the country.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment focuses on leading and directing to improve the efficiency of state management, especially in the fields of: Strategy, planning and planning; especially improving institutions to remove problems to promote development; must build preferential mechanisms and policies for the priority fields, key and key tasks; develop a scientific and reasonable enterprise development incentive mechanism to facilitate innovative businesses to contribute to the country, and have a mechanism to protect and share risks with businesses and businesses. Investing when participating in public private partnership projects, while also ensuring the harmony of interests between the State, the people and enterprises. Focus on researching and proposing mechanisms and policies to mobilize resources for socio-economic development with the mindset of turning no into something, turning difficult into easy,

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to promote decentralization and decentralization associated with strengthening inspection and supervision, and building inspection and supervision criteria, conditions, standards and tools; urgently and focus on research on decentralization and decentralization to manage the establishment, investment and expansion of industrial zones in the first 6 months of 2021.

Allocating and using state resources effectively, with focus, focus, the Ministry of Planning and Investment terminates investment spread, ineffective; reviewing and disassembling policies and mechanisms to promote the leading role of public investment, promoting investment from the non-state sector to effectively mobilize resources, implementing 3 strategic breakthroughs, promoting socio-economic growth and development.

Economic restructuring associated with strong development of science, technology and innovation, improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy in the context of the Industrial Revolution. Wednesday; adopt appropriate mechanisms and policies to encourage the development of new products, services and business models, promote the role of innovation centers, especially the National Innovation Center. The Ministry of Planning and Investment must actively transform digitally, build the digital economy and a digital society practically and effectively.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment renews thinking in the state management of the economy, promoting creativity on the basis of adhering to the country’s reality; building an independent, autonomous, multi-sector socialist-oriented market economy and deep international integration in association with transparency, efficiency, security, stability, equity and progress society.

Firmly grasp the practical situation, timely forecast and prepare plans, scenarios, responding, adaptively, creatively and effectively to arising problems, especially in the context of the COVID pandemic. -19 complicated and unpredictable developments; take the initiative to take measures to restore and promote economic development.

The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Planning and Investment to listen attentively, humbly learn, promptly share and remove difficulties with the spirit of taking people and businesses as a service center.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has brought into play good traditions over the past 75 years in order to build a contingent of unified, faithful, honest, transparent, exemplary, expert and professional cadres and civil servants; evaluating staff based on progress (showing attitude, morality) and quality of work (showing capacity); protecting people who dare to think, dare to do, know how to do, dare to innovate, have no bad motives, no personal interests, no negative corruption.

The Prime Minister basically agreed with the proposals and proposals of the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Document No. 2394 / BC-BKHDT dated April 27, 2021; Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai was assigned to direct the settlement and report on progress and efficiency to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned agencies in, reporting and proposing to the Prime Minister the establishment and operation regulation of the Government’s Special Working Group for review. to review and propose to remove difficulties, problems and bottlenecks of investment projects in major cities and centers, and to study and propose to assign Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh to be Team Leader.


Source:  Vietnam News Agency

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