Provinces batten down the hatches against Sarika typhoon

Sarika typhoon is forecast to hit provinces from Thai Binh to Quang Ninh. In a meeting of the national steering committee on flood and storm control in Hanoi on Monday, Colonel Tran Van Dinh from the search and rescue force of the border command reviews preparation on evacuation plans.

"Hai Phong and Quang Ninh provinces now have some 540 boats on shore. In Ha Long Bay on Monday morning, we were tracing more than 330 boats carrying over 2 thousand visitors. Local authorities now send emergency calls to ask them return and ban any further trips at sea." Dinh said.

The steering committee identified two key tasks of rescue operation and damage recovery in central provinces due to recent heavy rains. Deputy Chairman of Quang Binh province People's Committee, Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, talks about preparedness efforts ahead of the Sarika typhoon: "We are trying to recall every ship home to safe shelters. We will be strict in prohibiting any boats going offshore as this is the high season for fishing."

280,000 soldiers and 3,200 vehicles have been mobilized to join search and rescue efforts once necessary.