Provincial leaders directed the prevention and control of African swine flu

Day 1 4 /3, Deputy Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Dang Huy Hau with the delegation of the province went to check the work of prevention and African Swine Fever in the City Uong Bi, Quang Yen and TX.

Working with Quang Yen Town to strengthen the implementation of measures to prevent and fight against cholera in Africa, Mr. Dang Huy Hau emphasized: Currently, there are 17 provinces and cities in the country where cholera swine outbreaks have occurred. . In Quang Ninh, there are 4 districts and towns with epidemics. The detected epidemic diseases are mainly small households, small and different locations, so it is still impossible to determine which path of the disease spreads. However, the epidemic is causing great impacts on the socio-economy, so Quang Yen Town continues to promote propaganda on the loudspeaker system of towns, villages and areas about the signs of recognition. as well as methods to prevent and control epidemic spread.

With regard to the treatment of epidemics, he asked the locality to establish a specialized team for destruction, arrangement of facilities and manpower to ensure the safety of epidemic diseases in accordance with the process. Quang Yen town currently has more than 10% of total pigs in the province. However, there are still many small livestock households in the area, leading to very difficult control. Therefore, he asked the town to continue to identify the prevention and control of epidemic as an important task of the whole political system, in order to minimize damage. At the same time, it is necessary to add additional checking points and supervise the transport of pigs and products from pigs to the EA to prevent further spread of disease.

In Uong Bi City, after checking and supervising the implementation of the process of destroying infected pigs in the Central Region, Phuong Dong ward, working with the authorities of Uong Bi City and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Dang Huy Hau note Uong Bi must strictly adhere to the process of destruction and must destroy on the spot, avoid transporting away;urgently implement urgent measures to prevent the spread of disease. Along with that, the locality also needs to strengthen lime powder for adjacent wards to clean the cages and disinfect the surrounding environment; closely monitor concentrated cattle slaughtering areas and animal transport facilities.

For destruction, he asked the city to have a specialized department to do this work to ensure compliance with the process. The communes and wards immediately set up a group of people including young people and militia to support people in case of having to destroy the disease. Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee assigned the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to promulgate immediately the standard process to guide localities in preventing and spreading epidemics not to spread widely.

Thus, up to this point, the whole province has had 6 cholera swine outbreaks in 4 localities namely Dong Trieu, Hai Ha, Quang Yen and Uong Bi.

Source: Quang Ninh Portal