Public satisfaction gauges administrative reform results

People and businesses' satisfaction with public services is between 70% to 90%, according to 2-year study. The study's result was announced at a meeting to on Tuesday jointly organized by the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF), the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Vietnam Veterans' Association.

VFF President Nguyen Thien Nhan said: "People elect administrators at all levels and are the beneficiaries of administrative services as defined in our Constitution and laws. They are also the overseers of state agencies. The government has always been sensitive to public satisfaction with administrative agencies and public services. It's the most important measure of administrative reform at local and central levels."

Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Government's Steering Committee for Administrative Reform Truong Hoa Binh said a regular survey of public satisfaction with public services is needed to measure the success of administrative reforms in all sectors.

Source: VOV5