Public Security Minister To Lam visits Israel

Public Security Minister General To Lam met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday during an official 3-day visit to Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said he believes Minister Lam's visit will boost friendship between the two governments and peoples and partnership between Israel's National Security Council, Public Security Ministry, and Defense Ministry and Vietnam's Public Security Ministry. He said he expects the two sides will soon develop an annual dialogue mechanism, while forming a legal corridor for the signing of agreements on labor, prisoner transfer, and criminal extradition.

The same day, Minister Lam held talks with acting head of the National Security Council of Israel Jacob Nagel, during which the two sides agreed to foster affiliation in all fields, especially in combating trans-national crime. They shared the hope of strengthening partnership between agencies of the two bodies through existing cooperation mechanisms, while increasing affiliation through Interpol and coordinating in tackling organized crime.

Earlier, Minister Lam met with Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, visited the Israel Aerospace Industries, and attended the opening of the fourth international conference and exhibition on domestic security and cyber security in Tel Aviv. He also visited and talked with diplomats and officials of the Vietnam Embassy in Israel.

Source: VOV5