Resolutely not to recur the land price increase in Van Don

In the morning of March 14, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, and leaders of departments and agencies had a meeting with Van Don district on land management and use in the area. Addressing the direction, he emphasized: Van Don must be determined not to recur rising land prices ...

In the past, Van Don district has focused on directing units and localities to strengthen land management in the area, in which strictly follow the guiding documents of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee, the focus is Directive No. 323 / CT-UBND dated November 20, 2017 of the Provincial People's Committee on "urgent solutions to manage and prevent land allocation, sale, transfer and use of illegal land in the locality." District table , Document No. 8865 / UBND-QLA�A�1 dated November 28, 2017 of the Provincial People's Committee on" Suspension of procedures for changing land use purpose in Van Don district "...

Immediately after implementing the solutions under the direction of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee, the situation of land in Van Don district has changed in a positive direction. The situation of land purchase and sale, transfer of land, implementation of land use right transfer transactions decreased significantly, land prices showed signs of stabilization, there was no sudden and abnormal increase.

At the meeting, the delegates focused on analyzing, evaluating and clarifying outstanding issues in the process of implementing land management and use in Van Don district; at the same time, proposing and proposing many solutions to strictly manage land and planning.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang emphasized: While waiting for the general adjustment plan to build Van Don EZ to complete, submit to the Prime Minister for approval, the district needs to strictly control the plan and land. locality. In addition to supporting investors and districts to coordinate with the Economic Zone Management Board to continue reviewing, resolutely recovering the project behind schedule, the land areas of investors, opportunities and profiteering. Actively and drastically implement the work of compensation and land clearance, not greatly affecting the progress of projects, especially projects of strategic investors.

At the same time, the district needs to control the information, the situation of trading, the "blowing price" of land in the area, resolutely not to recur the land price increase in the spirit of strictly implementing the guiding documents. issued by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee noted the agencies and units, especially the commune level in the district, thoroughly grasped the cadres, party members and people of all classes, and could not support the first subjects. mechanics, increasing land prices; at the same time, to continue reviewing and eliminating illegal real estate brokerage centers; actively review land allocation and lease of forest and aquaculture land under the jurisdiction of district level; strengthening the protection of the environment, landscape and forest area; to thoroughly handle the conclusions after the inspection.

He assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to urgently set up a land use and management inspection team according to the guiding spirit in Document No. 1501 / UBND-QLA�A�1 dated 12/3/2019 of the Provincial People's Committee.

Source: Quang Ninh Portal