Revised draft Law on Denunciation discussed

National Assembly deputies on Thursday discussed the controversial points in the revised draft Law on Denunciation. The bill has 9 chapters and 68 articles. Lawmakers gave opinions to the forms and prescription of denunciation, regulations on denunciation withdrawal, the levels to address denunciation, and the protection of denunciators.

Chairman of the NA Law Committee Nguyen Khac Dinh said the draft law is considering allowing denunciation by fax, email, or telephone. It has also added stricter regulations on the process of receiving denunciations to prevent the abuse of new forms of denunciation to harm the legitimate rights of agencies, organizations, and individuals.

Mr. Dinh said: The NA Standing Committee realizes that the settlement of denunciations aims to determine whether or not there has been legal violation, the degree of the violation, and its importance based on which to deal with violators and remedies. The settlement should also improve state management and be done pursuant to the law.

Several deputies called for keeping just the current two forms of denunciation � by letter and direct denunciation. Most deputies think denunciations should be expanded to match social developments.

Ma Thi Thuy, a NA representative of Tuyen Quang province, said: It's necessary to supplement regulations on the rights and obligations of denunciators who should get legal advice from lawyers, legal support agencies, bar associations, or other functional agencies to ensure the denunciation is in line with the law. It's also important to add to the draft law the phrase 'explaining in writing or directly spoken form the denounced acts and supplying information or related materials if required by authorized agencies, organizations, or individuals'.

Source: VOV5