Russia, Turkey to discuss Syria

The Kremlin said in a statement Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin will discuss Syrian issues with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi, Russia on Monday.

The meeting takes place as Syrian government forces backed by Russia and Iran, are preparing an offensive against the Syrian rebels' last major stronghold in Idlib province, although Turkey and the US have repeatedly warned against the operation.

Erdogan's call for a cease-fire in Idlib, which borders Turkey, was accepted neither by Russia nor Iran at a tripartite summit in Tehran earlier this month.

Last week, four Russian warplanes stationed at Syria's Hmeymim airbase attacked Idlib and the Russian Foreign Ministry said it was urgent to eradicate the terrorists there.

Turkey and the US reject any offensive against Idlib, citing the risk of massive civilian casualties and another humanitarian disaster.

Source: VOV5