Russia, US maintain consultations on Syria along with military contacts – Lavrov

Russia and the United States, apart from regular contacts via the deconfliction channel in Syria, have been also involved in closed consultations on various aspects of the Syrian conflict settlement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, Trend reported citing Sputnik.

"I have already mentioned that we have contacts with American diplomats and the military. There is a so-called deconfliction channel on Syria to reduce risks of unintentional incidents. It works on a regular basis. There are also such consultations, which are not widely reported, but they continue with regard to various aspects of the Syrian settlement", Lavrov said in an interview with Vietnam Television, China Television and Phoenix Television in the run-up to his visits to China and Vietnam.

According to the minister, such a dialogue is necessary to prevent unwanted incidents since the United States retains a military presence in Syria, albeit without the consent of the legitimate government.

"Now it is all the more necessary, given the announcement that the United States will withdraw its troops from Syria. It is unclear how and when. Many actually doubt whether they will do it. However, such a dialogue is useful. It is heartening that the United States remains committed to the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2254, the main meaning of which is that it is up to the Syrians to hold talks and decide without external pressure", he noted.

The statement comes after US President Donald Trump told reporters on 22 February that Washington is not changing its course in Syria amid the decision to leave some 400 troops in Syria beyond the pullout. The US, which had been operating in Syria for years, decided to withdraw its forces in December.

Source: TREND News Agency