Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt welcome new interim government of Libya

– Saudi Arabia on Saturday welcomed the election of representatives of a new interim government for Libya announced by the United Nations during the political dialogue sessions that took place in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday. In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said, “We hope that this step will achieve security, stability, and development in the country.” “We also hope it will preserve unity and sovereignty, ensuring the exit of all foreign fighters and mercenaries and will establish a permanent solution that prevents external interference that endangers Arab regional security,” according to the statement.

Algeria on Saturday hailed the formation of the interim executive authority in Libya, and assured to cooperate with it to achieve security, stability, and the aspirations of the neighboring country.

Egypt also welcomed the formation of the interim Libyan government that will lead the country until elections scheduled for December.

UN sponsored talks produced a new interim government for Libya on Friday. Mohammed Al-Menfi will head a three-man Presidency Council, while Abdulhamid Dbeibeh will head the government as Prime Minister.



Source: VOV5

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