Seminar to mark 60th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh trail

The wise decision of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh to open a strategic logistics transport route from the northern rear to the southern front will be discussed at a seminar in Dak Nong province next Tuesday.

This seminar is part of a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the route known as the Ho Chi Minh trail along the Truong Son mountain range and a day commemorating the Truong Son Army Corps. Seminar participants will discuss the enormous contribution of the Truong Son soldiers to the anti-US war in Vietnam.

Colonel Truong Mai Huong, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Institute of Military History, said: Our presentation will focus on the fierce fighting in the Truong Son battlefield and the construction of this logistics system in 1959. Different forces had to work together to build and protect the path to ensure smooth transportation to the southern battlefield until Vietnam was unified in 1975.

Source: VOV5