Senior Party official calls for higher role of trade union organizations

Truong Thi Mai, head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilization, attended a ceremony to mark the 90thanniversary of Vietnam Trade Union on Saturday in Hanoi.

Addressing the meeting, Ms. Mai said the strong growth of the working class is a prerequisite for the success of Vietnam's industrialization and modernization. She called on the trade unionists to continue improving their capacity and quickly adapting to new things so as to better represent Vietnamese workers. Ms. Mai said:Efforts should be made to develop trade union membership and grassroots trade union organizations to achieve the goal of all businesses which employ more than 25 workers each having trade union organization. Trade unionists should be role model to truly represent workers in an enterprise and create trust in workers. To achieve the goal of wherever there are workers, there is a trade union organization. Trade union organizations should be a solid bridge between the Party and State and the workers.

Source: VOV5