SET in the City 2024 brings together investors to create opportunities in the stock market.


Bangkok, The Stock Exchange invites you to participate in the SET in the City 2024 event, bringing together investors to create opportunities in the stock market. Chairman of the Stock Exchange Board Advising the new generation to pay attention to investing Long-term savings, emphasizing 6 months to 1 year, intensive stock market supervision measures Mr. Kitipong Urapeepattanapong Chairman of the Board of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), along with Mr. Phakorn Peetathawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. and the executive team joined in opening the SET in the City 2024 event, this year organized with the theme 'Look for opportunities in the stock market. Choose to invest to create a growing portfolio,' therefore wanting to encourage the new generation Accumulate long-term savings today. Because Thai society has problems Retired and have no savings. No money to spend in old age Therefore, investing through mutual funds or investing through various channels, the new generatio n must practice training at the Stock Exchange Therefore, we want to promote financial knowledge from childhood, saving money, investing. In the past, children in the past deposited money into savings banks. Children these days have to deposit with mutual funds. Government Debt Fund Keep collecting continuously. Therefore, we are preparing to propose to the government to encourage saving through the fund. same as japan Accumulate for health Collect for your children When due, sell investment units with tax deduction rights. Saving money is therefore important. Mr. Kitipong added that Investing in the Thai stock market now requires raising the level of listed companies. Because the company is good Lots of potential Because income has grown more than expected, many companies, such as travel groups, food groups, and integrated doctors, must continue to disseminate this information to investors. Or stocks whose prices are lower than their true potential, there are a lot of high dividend stocks. Investors should pay more attention to speculative stocks based on rumors. Because stocks with good fundamentals have low risk. foreign investors Waiting to see Thailand and concerned about political uncertainty If many factors are clear Foreigners will return to invest. Therefore, it is considered that the new manager of the Stock Exchange will come to work in the next 1-2 months. To continue building confidence in the capital market To cooperate with all relevant agencies both speeding up important cases Stock market corruption Keeping an eye on abnormalities and send information to relevant agencies for management quickly, 6 months to 1 year, measures to take care of the Thai stock market will be more concentrated To build confidence in the Thai capital market Ms. Rinjai Chakornpipat, deputy manager of the Stock Exchange, said that although the investment situation is not in an uptrend period, But investors can create opportunities in their own investment portfolios. To invest in dividend stocks Stocks underpriced in the stock exchange There are also various products such as DR-DRX to invest in famous stocks on international stock markets. By knowledge in every aspect Come be included in the SET in the City 2024 event this Saturday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on the 5th floor, Samyan Mitr Town Hall. (Easy to travel with MRT Samyan Station) Come to one event, complete with investment matters. Many options, including Thai stocks, foreign stocks, mutual funds, TFEX, and Digital Token, increase investment knowledge. With many special promotions under the theme 'Find opportunities in the stock market Build your investment portfolio to grow' inviting you to update investment trends from experts. Packed with activities, meet 50 gurus, 50 seminars, 50 booths from securities companies, mutual funds companies and the stock exchange group. that are ready to give advice and plan investments immediately within the event, such as a session to break the wall of thinking to win a million, create a Growth Mindset, what kind of investm ent to make the portfolio grow/'Passive Income: Invest in a way that creates income. 'Scan mutual funds, popular trends, top charts,' Showcase stage, demonstrating trading tools Increase the opportunity to make a profit with 24 brokers. There is a workshop on tools for trading including trading in TFEX - gold - tools to help select stocks / can't miss SET in the City 2024 this Saturday-Sunday. Source: Thai News Agency