Singapore launches ‘World Peace’ medallion to mark US-North Korea summit

Singapore on Tuesday unveiled commemorative gold, silver and base-metal medallions ahead of next week's summit between the US and North Korean leaders in Singapore, carrying the inscription 'World Peace' in large letters on one side.

Each medallion features an affirmative handshake between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in front of both nations' flags, the June 12 event date, and the words "Summit in Singapore". The words on the medallion, featured on the online shop of the Singapore Mint, are accompanied by the dove and olive branch motif, a biblical symbol of peace, as well as a rose and a magnolia, the national flowers of the US and North Korea.

In May, the White House communications agency struck a commemorative coin featuring Mr Trump and Mr Kim in profile facing each other in front of a background of US and North Korean flags.

Source: VOV5