Spring festivals in full swing across Vietnam

The Tran Temple Festival, one of the biggest spring festivals in Vietnam, opened at the special national historical complex of Tran King shrines and tombs in the northern province of Thai Binh on Sunday night.

The Tran Dynasty, which reigned Vietnam from the 13th to the 15th centuries, repelled Yuan-Mongols invaders on three occasions, making it one of the most important periods in Vietnamese history. The Tran Temple Festival was recognized as a national intangible heritage in 2014.

The Saint Tan Vien Festival is underway in Hanoi's outlying district of Ba Vi until Tuesday. The annual festival, which includes incense-offering and water procession ceremonies, folk games, and music and sport exchanges, commemorates Saint Tan Vien � one of the four immortals of traditional Vietnamese mythology. He's believed to be the God of the Mountain who governed all the creatures on land and taught people how to grow crops, hunt animals and catch fish.

A two-day spring festival opened in Dak Nong province, featuring the culture of Central Highlands ethnic groups, particularly its cuisine, folk games, and gong culture. Dieu M'Rung of the M'Nong ethnic group in Tuy Duc district said: This annual festival is an opportunity for people to share their business experience. On this occasion, people from the region's ethnic groups compete in cooking.

Source: VOV5