Syrian army recaptures parts of Homs province

Syrian government forces and allied fighters continued to advance in Homs and Dayr al-Zawr provinces, killing dozens of fighters they identified as terrorists.

A military source told Syria's official news agency SANA that Syrian soldiers and their allies have take full control of the al-Dhaliyat region of Humeima district. A number of gunmen were killed and their weapons destroyed during the operation, the source said, noting that bomb disposal teams are clearing the areas of landmines and improvised explosive devices planted by the extremists.

Fighter jets of the Syrian Air Force carried out airstrikes against IS positions, leaving a large number of IS fighters dead or wounded. Syrian army units struck IS positions in al-Maqaber and al-Panorama areas, killing 18 and destroying an armored vehicle and 2 pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine-guns.

Source: VOV5