Tan Cuong tea-growing area in Thai Nguyen recognized as a tourist site

The annual Spring Tea Festival was held in Thai Nguyen City on Wednesday, coinciding with the 12th day of the first lunar month.

The event honors the tea tree and promotes Tan Cuong tea to tourists. To promote the Tan Cuong tea trademark, the restored Spring Tea Festival annually conducts activities such as a parade of old tea trees and tea-drying contests.

This year, the Thai Nguyen People's Committee has designated the Tan Cuong tea-growing area a tourism site spanning six communes.

Tea is a strategic product of Thai Nguyen. Over the past 20 years, tea trees have provided large profits and jobs for tens of thousands of workers.

Thai Nguyen has 1,500 hectares of tea trees, producing 19,000 tons of fresh tea buds per year, generating nearly 8,000 USD per hectare.

Source: VOV5