Ten items make over US$58 billion in exports

15:13 | 18/08/2014

VGP – Ten items earned US$58.34 billion from exports, accounting for 69.5% of the nation’s total export turnover over the past seven months of the year.

Phones and accessories ranked first with US$13.33 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15.41%, followed by garment with US$11.5 billion, up 19.54% and footwear with US$5.78 billion, up 22.46%.

Computers, electronics and spare parts came fourth with a turnover of US$5.53 billion. Crude oil raked fifth with US$4.77 billion, up 11.97% and aquatic products US$4.27 billion, up 26.71%.

Other items joined the US$1 billion export clubs such as machines, equipment and spare parts US$4.13 billion, up 24.02%, timber US$3.38 billion, up 14.19%, vehicles and accessories US$3.32 billion, up 9.93% and US$2.33 billion, up 22.63%.

By Thuy Dung