Tet Fair 2017 to open next Wednesday

This year's annual - TET Fair 2017 - will officially opened its doors next Wednesday at the Vietnam Culture and Arts Exhibition Centre in Hanoi, with new events and newcomers joining the staples of the weeklong annual spring tradition.

The fair will features items most often used during Tet such as traditional five-fruit trays, offerings to worship Tao Quan (the Kitchen God) and other time-honoured gifts.

The fair running January 18-24 will be arranged into many sections such as Five Fruit, Ong Do (Calligraphy), Gift, Tet Greeting, Tet Specialty, Consumer, Good Luck, Ceramics and Silk.

In addition, there will be numerous cultural festivities, art exchanges and song and dance performances to welcome the New Lunar Year as well as the 87th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Source: VOV5