Thai people of Chinese descent Shopping during Chinese New Year 2024


February 8, 2024, Thai-Chinese people come out to shop, buy duck, pork, chicken, along with sweet and savory auspicious food. Fruit offerings during the 2024 Chinese New Year Festival, which this year is quite lively since the morning. There are Thai-Chinese people continuously coming out to buy offerings. This year's offering prices include boiled chicken, 350 baht each for broiler chicken, 600 baht for local chicken, 500 to 550 baht for stewed duck, 250-350 baht for boiled pork, 350-400 baht for steamed fish, and candles. 9-10 baht per child, 30-35 baht per pair of khanom kheng. By the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting Survey of consumer spending behavior during Chinese New Year 2024 found that this year will be bustling, with expected spending of more than 49,000 million baht, an increase of 10 percent compared to last year's Chinese New Year. It is considered the highest in 11 years after the COVID-19 situation resolved and tourism recovered. Source: Thai News Agency