The ‘bearish’ way to managing your money

One of the most stressful and complicated things to do is manage your finances. Most people look at the task with dread - something that is very difficult to handle.

This is why financial services are like lifesavers. Such services, however, often involve lengthy processes that sometimes come with hidden fees, which everybody would like to avoid. When it comes to purchasing products, as well, consumers go through inconvenient processes because of the terms and tons of documents involved.

In circumstances like these, meta-search engines like GoBear, Asia's first and only meta-search engine for insurance and banking services, comes in handy. With results gathered from not just one, but multiple sources, a simple web search made by the user comes back with the best options to choose from.

GoBear simply works by showing all the costs that comes with the loan you're about to get, including how much your monthly payment would be, the total payment, interest payments and servicing costs. For users who have different insurer preferences, several inurance plans are compared and the user is connected directly to the insurer they prefer.

Choosing credit cards becomes less stressful with the help of GoBear. The company shows cards that suit the user's needs by the rewards type, particularly cash back or air miles, a calculation of the annual earnings based on the spending pattern, a directory of benefits and other fees of the credit cards.

"GoBear presents data in a complete overview of the market, then we display the relevant information in such a way that people understand it and that in the end empowers people to make informed decisions about what to buy and also where to buy," says GoBear CEO and founder Andre Hesselink.

"Our meta-search engine doesn't sell anything so we are completely unbiased," he adds.

The company was founded in the hopes that a consumer finds comfort in deciding what kind of loans, credit cards or insurance to choose. Established in Singapore in early 2015, GoBear expanded its reach and is present now in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. It will also be launched in Vietnam and Hong Kong later this year.

GoBear Philippines is endorsed by television personalities and real-life couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania-Arellano, who attest to the company's reliable service.

"They actually help you choose what's best for you," says Iya. "Thanks to GoBear, it just makes it easier to see what options we have out there according how much we make, how much we're spending and how much we want to spend."

Users don't need to pay anything when using GoBear for it is completely free. They just have to remember three easy steps - search, collect and select - for the transparent meta-search results presented in a simple language.

"What we're trying to do is help people, try to educate them and really help them find not the cheapest, but the best product," says Marnix Zwart, co-founder of GoBear.

Filipinos always want to get the best deals without having taking more time searching for appropriate insurance companies, personal loans and banks. With GoBear, the process turns out to be easy, simple and done in just a few seconds.

Source: Daily Tribune