The body of a former parliament maid was found stabbed to death in a room in the Samsen area.


Samsen Police Station, Samsen Police Station received a report of a stabbing incident of a former parliament maid in her room in the Samsen area. It is believed that she had been dead for 7 days. The suspect was a close friend who was her boyfriend and a conscripted soldier. Samsen Police Station received a report of a woman's body found in an apartment room on Soi Samsen 28 in the Dusit area of ??Bangkok. They rushed to the scene along with Pol. Col. Nipon Nithikarunlert, Superintendent of Samsen Police Station, forensic officers, and volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation. The incident occurred at an apartment in the Samsen area. In the second-floor room, officers went to investigate and found that the door was locked from the outside. The police officers asked the apartment owner to open the door. Upon inspection, they found a Thai woman, identified as Ms. Khemruthai, 30 years old, who used to work as a cleaning lady at the Parliament, lying dead on the bed in the rented room. She had been stabbed i n the torso. Initial estimates indicate that she had been dead for 7 days. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the deceased was living with her boyfriend, who was a conscript soldier. Upon inspection of the CCTV footage, a male suspect, who was an acquaintance, was found to have locked the door from the outside. Ms. Darika, 29 years old, the younger sister of the deceased, revealed that this morning she was notified by the authorities that her sister had died. She was shocked, as if she was dreaming because someone called to say that someone in the family had died this morning. She therefore rushed to investigate and found that it was really her sister. In the past, she and her sister had not lived together, but she knew that her sister had called her mother to tell her that she wanted to go home because she had quit her job. As for the reason, she did not know because they had not talked, but she knew that her sister had talked to a male friend who was a soldier. As for the details, she did not know how long they had been together. However, she knew that someone had caused her sister's death, but she was not sure if it was her boyfriend. Therefore, she would like to implore the boyfriend to come out and show his innocence. If it is true, she would like to ask why he had to use such violence to the point of taking a life. The owner of the apartment said that the deceased lived on the second floor and was last seen in June because he had to pay for the room. Initially, it was known that he lived alone, but recently, his boyfriend has been living there for the past 3 months. He comes and goes. He has never met his boyfriend and does not know his personality because he does not live here regularly. He does not know whether his boyfriend was the perpetrator or not, but he last saw him on June 29, when he left the room with a backpack and a cloth bag. He did not return since. The body was initially sent to the Police General Hospital's forensic department for an autopsy to determine the true cause of death and t o proceed with legal action. Source: Thai News Agency