The Prime Minister called on the entire people to join hands with the Government in preventing and combating epidemics

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has just issued a call for the entire people, the entire army to join hands with the Government to prevent and combat the COVID-19 epidemic, asking for the immediate correction of subjective manifestations, neglect, sagging, even give up, “relax,” immediately block all loopholes, immediately handle all violations. The Government and the Prime Minister have paid the highest attention to, directing continuously and closely to this work.

The Prime Minister made this call and request at the emergency meeting on the prevention and control of the COVID epidemic -19 am Victory Day April 30 – a day of great historical significance for the Vietnamese people, is also the first day of the long holiday.

The meeting was convened urgently by the Prime Minister in the context of an extremely complicated epidemic in the world, the risk of infection from outside is very high, always stalking, Vietnam officially recognized a new epidemic from a school. Immigration – after more than 1 month no community cases reported.

Before that, on April 27, the Standing Secretariat sent a telegram to the National Steering Committee for the prevention and fight against epidemics, COVID-19; Provincial Party Committee, City Party Committee; Party committees, Party committees; Party Union, Party Committee directly under the Central Government; Party committees of central non-business units continue to strengthen the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic.

At the meeting on April 30, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh continued to emphasize the key and urgent tasks and solutions in the coming time. In particular, the Prime Minister noted that the organization and implementation of regulations need to be tighter, do it well and be more effective.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the review of responsibility, strictly handling agencies, units, localities and individuals who are negligent, subjective, lose their guard and comply with regulations in epidemic prevention, in order to disease spread to the community. Because, only one person neglects, the whole society struggles.

According to the Prime Minister, there are places, sometimes, the head has not really focused on leadership and direction, so the situation has loopholes, so it is necessary to consider and strictly handle the responsibilities of the head. if the translation occurs according to the Party’s regulations and the State’s laws with a very objective spirit, fairness and reasonableness.

The Prime Minister urged all compatriots and soldiers of the country to join hands with the Government, making best efforts, putting aside the unnecessary work, and immediately implementing the regulations of the Government and the National Steering Committee. families, authorities at all levels, and functional agencies in epidemic prevention and control for the health of each individual, for the health of the community, for the benefit of the nation and the nation.

Vietnam’s one-and-a-half year experience of resilient epidemic prevention and control shows that, the later, the epidemic outbreaks become more difficult, more complicated, the time to control is longer, but we have sufficient grounds to believe that can still handle the situation well.

Through translation campaigns, solutions have been increasingly completed, completed, and implemented more methodically in practice. Having the right strategy, the right solution is not enough, a “secret” of Vietnam is to implement drastically, consistently, synchronously such strategies and solutions when epidemic situations occur.

Looking back at the recent directives of the Government, the Prime Minister, the National Steering Committee, it can be affirmed that the current epidemic situation is the situation expected by the Government and the Prime Minister. in the context of the COVID-19 wave that is raging in many neighboring countries and in the region. The Government and the Prime Minister have instructed the highest level of readiness to prevent and control the epidemic in the spirit that, in any situation, plans are ready to respond.

At all meetings with ministries and agencies since taking office, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh mentioned the need to raise vigilance, tighten staff, and drastically implement epidemic prevention solutions.

Prime Minister assigned Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh to directly inspect the anti-epidemic work in the southwest border provinces and Ho Chi Minh City – the largest economic center in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the National Steering Committee asked ministries and agencies to be ready to respond to an outbreak, to prepare for a situation where 30,000 people get sick …

Up to this point, we still have control over the situation and we will definitely continue to control the situation if the whole country seriously implements the solutions requested by the Central Government.

However, over the past year and a half of anti-epidemic action, if Vietnam’s strategies and solutions are increasingly perfected, and the determination at the central level has been strengthened, in the opposite direction, there is a risk of emerge. reason or subjectivity, neglect or confusion, fear in a part of people, agencies, organizations and even in all levels and branches of the government system.

The longer the stressful period lasts, the easier it is for human psychology to feel drowsy, sagging, or even surrender, “relax.” Impressive anti-epidemic achievements are also easy to create a subjective mentality, even disregard for epidemics. This is probably the point that needs the most attention, the weak point that needs to be constantly reinforced in the future.

For example, at the April 30th meeting of the Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control of Hanoi city, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee, Head of the Steering Committee Chu Xuan Dung reminded the Center’s leaders. Disease Control Hanoi (CDC Hanoi) had to attend all the meetings of the Steering Committee, there was a situation in which “when the water was hot, it was impossible to call CDC Hanoi leaders.”

This is only a small example, but if the above situation is not corrected, it will cause unforeseen consequences, crushing all the admirable achievements and achievements that Vietnam has achieved over time. by.

This must be rectified, everyone must be aware of their responsibility, if not in our country the tragedies that the World Health Organization describes as “could not be more heartbreaking. “Is happening in many countries in the region.”

The Prime Minister’s urgent meeting is held on the first day of the long holiday, the number of people traveling and gathered in many places is huge. With the vaccine strategy being actively implemented by the Government with the highest determination, each of the nearly 100 million people needs to leave the normal habits in the old conditions but no longer suitable in the new context, but First of all, limiting crowds, seriously implementing 5K …

Before our eyes are many important things to do, including elections for the National Assembly and People’s Councils at all levels on May 23. The request of the Central Government, the Government, the Prime Minister, our ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of lives and health for the people, for the community, for the benefit of the nation, the nation and the realization of the goal. Dual: Effective epidemic prevention, socio-economic development, accomplishing the goals and tasks set out by the Resolution of the XIII Party Congress, bringing the country to continue moving forward./.


Source:  Vietnam News Agency

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