Three Vietnamese dishes among world’s best in 2018

Australian travel website Traveller has named three dishes from Vietnam in their list of the world's best dishes in 2018.

Ranking 10th is snail or Oc in Vietnamese. The site said the preparation varies with the species of snail. Some are fried with chili, lemongrass and garlic, others are simmered in a salty broth or grilled over charcoals. They're all delicious, particularly when paired with cold beer and a humid evening, according to the site.

One place above Oc is Bun Rieu Cua, a vermicelli soup with a tomato-based broth made by slowly simmering pork or chicken bones, topped with fried tofu, prawns, crab meat, bean sprouts and fresh Vietnamese herbs like perilla and cilantro.

In the third spot is the famous Banh Mi. Late chef Anthony Bourdain described it as "a symphony within a sandwich." The Traveller wrote: You'll be handed a fresh, crunchy baguette filled with salad, pork, pate, fish sauce, mayonnaise and a gratuitous fried egg, wrapped in a piece of local newspaper".

Source: VOV5