Tin ore panning show, a sideline job for housewives


Phang Nga, The way of life of villagers in Ban Bang Maruan, Tambon Bang Muang, Amphoe Takua Pa, Phang Nga Province, preserves the occupation of panning for tin in the Bang Pu Te Canal. In the past, it was the main occupation during the booming tin mining industry. Until it became a secondary occupation for housewives during the era when rubber prices were low. Panning here also uses a 'liang', a flat round container similar to a pan, made of wood, to scoop up soil mixed with tin ore in the canal, sift water to remove the soil and sand, separate the ore with a filter to separate the tin ore, dry it in the sun or roast it over a fire, and sell it at the Takua Pa market for 200-250 baht per kilogram as an additional income. Source: Thai News Agency