Tracking down the hunt for a handsome woman who is scamming people to rent cars and sell them on the southern border.

Songkhla, Tracing the hunt for a very handsome and naughty woman who tricked people into renting motorcycles and selling them in the southern border area. background check Found to have been addicted to drugs and online gambling. Plus, challenge the police. Posting cars for sale on social media non-stop. This case started with the police receiving a notification from the victim. that she was tricked into renting a motorcycle by Ms. Saowalak, 25 years old, and a handsome woman on April 8, and after renting the car Miss Saowalak could not be contacted again. Later, on May 6, the victim saw his own motorcycle. It was posted for sale on an online page. at Raman District, Yala Province, at a price of 30,000 baht. The victim then went to report the crime to the police. Ready to coordinate and ask for help from the highway police to help track down the car. It didn't take long for the highway police to find out that the victim's car had been parked at a house in the area of ??Village No. 3, Sateng Nok Subdistrict , Mueang Yala District. and when going to inspect the said house Found that the owner of this house Going to buy it from another car broker. The police then went to ask the broker. He admits that Bought a motorcycle from Miss Saowalak on April 15th and picked it up at Songkhla city. before posting for sale without knowing that it was a car that had been tricked into renting If they knew, they wouldn't buy it. Because I've been doing this job for 4 years. However, for the sake of caution Initially, the road police seized several more cars belonging to brokers for inspection. Because it is a special area for security in the 3 southern border provinces There may be many other cars that were traded illegally. Risk of causing harm As for Miss Saowalak We are rushing to trace and arrest. Because until now, it has been found that there are many used motorcycles for sale posted in the Songkhla area. As for the background check, it was found that he was both addicted to drugs and addicted to online gambling. Sourc e: Thai News Agency