Troubled fisherm rescued at sea

PANO Ship 740 of Naval Fleet 129 successfully rescued and repaired a troubled trawler.

Earlier, trawler TG92411TS, captained by Nguyen Van Leo from Tien Giang province, went adrift due to engine failure.

After receiving the information, Naval Fleet 129 sent Ship 740 on duty at sea to tow the troubled trawler to a safe place for repair.

At noon on March 8, Ship 740 handed the troubled trawler over to the ship 956 under Brigade 25 of Naval Region 2 for repair.

After having been fixed, the trawler continued its operation.

*Ship SAR27-01 of the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center on March 10 took a distressed Filipino crew-member ashore for further treatment.

Earlier, the distressed Filipino, a crew-member on board Ship PENYUAN, felt unconscious due to an electric shock while fishing about 43 nautical miles off Nha Trang coast (Khanh Hoa province).

After receiving a mayday signal, the center immediately contacted the ship, instructed other crew-members on board to give the patient first aid, and sent ship SAR27-01 to the scene for a rescue mission.

Source: People's Army Newspaper