Trump to withdraw US from Paris Climate Accord

US President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that the US will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, provoking an international uproar.

The leaders of France, Germany, and the UK issued a joint statement saying that the Paris Climate Accord cannot be renegotiated and that it is the foundation for effectively combatting climate change.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel decried Trump's decision while German Foreign MinisterSigmar Gabriel said Trump's decision threatens economic growth, but the door to rejoin the Accord will remain open to the US.

UN Secretary General Antonia Guterres called the decision a huge disappointment. Guterres said he wants the US to take the lead in fighting climate change and wants the UN to work with the US to create a better future.

195 countries�including the US�signed the Paris Climate Accord in 2015. The Accord calls for a concrete quota of emissions reduction from each signatory.

Source: VOV5